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Monday, June 1, 2009

Is this topic on the syllabus?

Just to point out that yes, paralegal students sometimes say less than brilliant things during class-

During a discussion on product liability:

Instructor: Now, let's say I go into Best Buy...

Paralegal student: Oooh, good store!

Instructor: Um. Right.

And I don't mean he whispered it under his breath, as though he was so excited by hearing about Best Buy that he had to quickly remind himself how awesome the store was. No, the clear intention was "Hey everybody in class, this is my relevant opinion of Best Buy I'd like to share with you."

Why can't everyone be as flawless as me?

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Jen said...

Yesterday we took the kids to see Up and there was a woman sitting by herself behind me. There was a preview for the new Transformers movie and as soon as it started she started to yell "Woo! Hot car! Hot car! Woo!" and then she made sort of a growling noise. I can understand why she was sitting alone (because who would want to go to a movie with someone who did that sort of thing?) but why did she think the entire theater wanted to hear that she thought it was a hot car? Why Ben? Why!?!

KMB said...

you both must live in central minnesota. there's no other explanation.

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