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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My unabashed love of Criminal Justice majors

During a discussion on homicide and reasonable self defense-

Instructor: you can only defend yourself in a manner that is appropriate to th-

Ultra-manly CJ major: Dude, it's like, a guy can be raping a girl, and she could fight back, and like scratch his eye, and blind him, and he could totally sue her for that! It's so messed up!

Class: .........

Me: Nnnnooooooooo....

(Although as my instructor is fond of saying, anybody can sue anyone at any time for anything. It's just a question of whether they would win or not. I'm assuming this guy meant the rapist would win that case. Also, this is not the same guy who asked about someone raping his wife when he only paid to have her beat up. Apparently all the CJ majors are just really rape-happy.)

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